Application Criteria

It is Wise Move policy to actively pursue and offer equal housing for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status.

Wise Move Property Management requires all residents to meet the following Rental Criteria Policies

All persons leasing the rental home must be of legal age to sign a contract. Applicant must be 18 years or older or an emancipated minor. An emancipated minor is a person less than 18 years of age who is or has been married, is on active military duty or has a court-issued emancipation order. All applicants 18 years and older must be included as a leaseholder.

A credit report will be processed on all applicants to verify account credit ratings.
Wise Move utilizes an independent credit screening company where income plus verified credit history will be entered into a credit scoring model to determine rental eligibility.

Unfavorable accounts which may negatively influence this score include, but are not limited to, collections, charge-offs, repossession, and current or recent delinquency.
Wise Move also performs verification of identification, rental history and income/employment history for each applicant.

A satisfactory criminal background check of all prospective occupants 18 years and older and an eviction check of each applicant must be completed before final approval consideration is given.

Additional deposits may be required for and Accept with Conditions Credit Recommendations, as specified here:

Applicants with little or no credit history

In such cases, additional identification and credit/income Verification standards must be met. If these criteria are met, an additional deposit will be required. If an applicant receives an Accept with Conditions Credit Recommendation due to a "High Risk Collection" result, only the Property Management Company Owner and/or property Owner may approve with sufficient proof that this apartment related collection has been satisfied.
If there are two or more applicants, a joint credit report will be run. Joint reports weigh the combinations of income and risk amounts, or the aggregate score, of all the applicants' ability to pay the total rent.

Income Verification or other approved documentation is required prior to move-in by providing Wise Move two consecutive pay stubs from the last 60 days or a signed, verifiable offer letter on employer letterhead stating starting salary, start date and terms of employment (ie: fulltime, length of contract, etc).

The income to rent ratio is taken into account, and reviewed carefully. Applicants without an Established Credit and/or Rental History Policy Applicants who have not yet established credit and/or rental history can be accepted provided applicant obtains a qualified cosigner/ guarantor.

For a person who has not yet established a credit file, or has very little credit on file the following items are required to verify identification and credit-worthiness, and an additional deposit or a co-signer may be required:


Two of the following:
Passport, government-issued ID card, Driver's License Credit/Income Verification:
Employment offer letter stating term of employment, starting salary and a bank statement, foreign or domestic and a bank statement (foreign or domestic) showing funds in the entire amount of the lease obligation OR A Letter of Credit in the amount of the entire lease obligation from applicant's bank.

Liquid Assets:

A self or non-employed applicant can be accepted provided the applicant supplies proof of liquid assets (i.e., bank statements, mutual fund account statements) greater than 1 year's rent.

Rental History Verification

Rental History Verification is required prior to move-in. Rental history will be verified by Wise Move.

Applications will be declined for the following reasons for any occurrence within the last 12 months:
An outstanding debt to a previous landlord; an outstanding NSF check; a breach of a prior lease and/or more than 2 late pays and 1 NSF.

The following reason will result in a decline: A prior eviction of any applicant or occupant within the last 24 months of date of application.

Criminal History

All occupants 18 years of age and older will be checked for criminal history. The history must reflect:

No felony convictions (no time limit); no sex offender or sex-related convictions (no time limit); no terrorism-related convictions (no time limit); no prostitution-related convictions (10 years from date of application); no convictions for the possession, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances or possession with intent to sell or distribution of controlled substances (felony or misdemeanor for past 10 years from date of application);
no cruelty to animals-related convictions (10 years from date of application); no pending indictment or deferred or withheld adjudication for a felony (10 years from date of application); and no conviction or pending indictment or deferred or withheld adjudication for a misdemeanor crime against a person or property (10 years from date of application).
No "Active Status" on "Probation" or "Parole" for any of the above stated convictions.

ID Verification

A government-issued photo ID is required at move-in.
Co-signer Acceptance
An applicant may be eligible to be accepted for residency with a cosigner only under the following conditions:

The co-signer must meet the entire original qualifying criteria as set forth in the Residential Rental Criteria, with one exception. For a co-signer, the Income to Rent ratio is 4 to 1.

All applicants must meet income requirements, except applicants who have not yet established credit and/or rental history.

A co-signer may not be used due to an unfavorable credit rating - only lack of credit. The co-signer must complete an application and submit an application fee for processing. The co-signer must receive an acceptable credit report. (A credit application is always run on applicants, even with a co-signer.) An additional deposit may be required, based on the report received.

The co-signer must be a current U.S. resident.
The co-signer must sign the Co-Signer Addendum. If not present at move-in, the Addendum must be notarized and received on or before move-in day in order for applicant to receive keys.

Additional Deposits

Accept with Conditions will necessitate an additional deposit of one month's rent in addition to the standard deposit.

Applicant with no Social Security Number Applicant will be processed through credit service using the International applicant form; pay an additional deposit based on the recommendation or will be accepted provided the applicant obtains a qualified cosigner/guarantor. Applicant must also provide the following: Identification: A passport or a government issued identification card or driver's license. Credit/Income Verification: Employment offer letter stating term of employment and starting salary and a bank statement, foreign or domestic, showing funds in the amount of the entire lease obligation, or a Letter of Credit in the amount of the entire lease obligation from applicant's bank.

An applicant using a false or invalid Social Security Number or with SSN irregularities (SSN has been associated with misuse), will be declined.

Maximum Occupancy per Apartment/Home

Unit Type Occupants
Studio 2
1 Bedroom/1 Bath 3
2 Bedroom/1 Bath 5
2 Bedroom/2 Bath 5
3 Bedroom/2 Bath 7
4 Bedroom/2 Bath 9

Vehicle Regulations

Recreational &/or commercial vehicles are not permitted on the property unless specific permission is granted by the owner or agent and allowed by the HOA where applicable.

Pet Regulations

Allowed on a case by case basis, only with written permission of owner or agent. Aggressive or perceived aggressive breeds will not be permitted. These include but are not limited to:
Chows, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepards, etc. A $500 non-refundable fee is required at move-in for each pet, in addition to $25 per pet per month pet rent for small dogs and cats, $45 per month per pet for medium size dog, and $55 per per pet for large dog.

Your application fee is non-refundable